Organic Tea

Organic Tea

Tea is a versatile, therapeutic beverage enjoyed by millions each day, and organic tea--which is grown without pesticides, growth hormones and synthetic fertilizers--is one of the healthiest tea options on the market.

After years of using chemicals to treat their tea harvest, many producers are returning to sustainable, organic growing that relies on composting and crop rotation. Organic methods protect the soil and replenish it naturally, which is better for the environment. In addition, many tea connoisseurs believe that organic techniques produce better-tasting, more aromatic teas than conventional methods could ever deliver.

Organic Tea: Beyond the Harvest

Organic tea production does not stop with pesticide-free plant growth. Organic leaves also undergo a natural, chemical-free processing phase--without the addition of harsh food additives, bleached tea bags, artificial colors or other synthetic ingredients. When you order these fine teas from companies like, you'll receive a loose leaf tea that is certified organic--with an authentic, natural taste.

Brewing Loose Leaf Organic Tea

Whether you prefer organic herbal tea or traditional green and black varieties, it's easy to brew a cup at home in just a few minutes. Begin with cold tap or purified water. While you're bringing it to a slow, rolling boil, fill your tea ball or infuser with one to two teaspoons of organic herbal tea (or any loose leaf tea), and place it in your mug. Pour fresh, boiling water over the tea and allow it to steep for the time suggested by the producer. Don't over-steep your tea, since it may develop a bitter taste. When you're finished brewing, store your organic tea in an airtight container to keep it fresh. Enjoy!

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